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Assisted Living and Memory Questions

What are the senior living and health care options on the Ecumen North Branch campus?

We provide assisted living apartments, two secure memory care neighborhoods, a short-term rehabilitation and long-term skilled care. We also have a special family room for those on hospice who are at end-of-life.

What is offered in Assisted Living and Memory Care?

Our assisted living and memory care offer socialization, structured activities, three delicious fresh-prepared daily meals, housekeeping, and a la carte health services. Through an Individualized Service Plan, we can assist our residents with all of their Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) such as showering, dressing, grooming and even dining.

How is it determined when a resident needs to move from Assisted Living to Memory Care?

Our assisted living nursing team will recommend when memory care is appropriate. When the resident needs a specialized, safe and secure care environment due to the progression of Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia, we will assess them and then meet with the resident and family to discuss the options that memory care can provide.

What makes Ecumen’s memory care different?

Our award winning Ecumen Awakenings program emphasizes human relationships and non-pharmaceutical remedies. We are driven to help re-awaken many residents whose physical and cognitive abilities have often been masked by an inappropriate use of antipsychotic drugs by exploring alternative care approaches that could provide them a better quality of life.

What is there to do once I make the move to Ecumen North Branch? Will I remain active?

We offer a menu of activities to meet the social, spiritual, physical, educational, and creative needs of residents. A copy of our Activity Calendar is available on our website for you to review.

Do you allow pets? Can I bring my dog or cat with me?

Yes. Pets are welcome in your assisted living apartment, but a resident must be comfortable providing all of the care needs for their pet. Small pets are welcome to be “visitors only” in the memory care.

What is included in Assisted Living and Memory Care?

Three daily meals, all utilities (except phone), and all life enrichment activities. Also included are housekeeping, an emergency safety alert system, wellness checks, and transportation to community programs.

What are the health care services in Assisted Living and Memory Care?

We provide a large menu of a la carte health services. Each resident will receive an individualized care plan, which may change as their needs change. Also, we have a partnership with The BlueStone Physician Group to provide an on-site Nurse Practitioner and Physician services who can see our residents in Ecumen North Branch. Health insurance would cover these visits, the same as if going to an outside clinic.

How do I reserve an apartment?

Call Darlene Shafer, our marketing director, at 651-237-3000 to schedule a personal meeting or a tour of our community. She will help you determine what best fits your needs and desires. She will schedule an assessment with our nursing team and can let you know the apartment types, cost, and availability

Care Center Questions

When is a Short-term Rehabilitation stay needed, and will my insurance cover it?

The Short-term Rehabilitation Unit is for recovery following surgery, injury or hospitalization due to illness, and for those who need continued medical care and therapies. Our goal is to help you successfully return to your home setting.

If I have a scheduled surgery and wish to recover at Ecumen North Branch, who should I call?

Our Admissions Team, at 651-829-0117, would be happy to preplan your stay in our Short-Term Rehabilitation Unit at Ecumen North Branch. We can help secure a spot for you once you are ready to discharge from the hospital. Our Admissions Team will coordinate your transition, to allow your transfer to be as smooth as possible.

What types of activities are available to help keep my loved one engaged?

Our full Activity Calendar has scheduled outing/trips for the month. Also, an extensive program of activities lead by our Recreation Therapy Director meets the social, spiritual, physical, educational, and creative needs of residents. A copy of our Activity Calendar is available on our website for you to review.

How do I pay for Long-Term Care?

While we know Long-Term Care can be expensive, there are options available through County Programs and the Senior Linkage Line to assist with the Medical Assistance process.

If I have a loved one who wishes to move to your Care Center, where should I begin?

Give our Admissions Team a call at 651-829-0117. Our Admissions Specialist can help assess if our Care Center would be a good fit for your loved one’s needs.

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